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New product line!

High Definition laser cut leather stamps!

December 2018 - Cutting leather stamps with a laser gives and HD advantage to your custom stamp/maker's mark.

I make a lot of stamps using an end mill, and they work quite well. But resolution of the stamp is limited to the diameter of the end mill bit. In this case 0.025". On a small stamp it is often necessary to simplify the stamp to make it work.

The focused beam diameter on my industrial cutting laser is 0.004". The power necessary to cut the stamp is <1/3rd the total power available. It takes more time to design the stamp, but the time it takes the laser to cut the stamp is 1/10th of what it takes to cut using an end mill.

Here is an example of a custom designed HD Laser cut stamp. It is cut into a 2" square stamp block. Note that the stars are properly formed and that if this same stamp was cut using an end mill, the stars would be oversized dots  with no points.

So what do they cost? The same as a mill cut leather stamp. And that is mostly based upon the cost of the bar stock that the stamp is made from. Yes, the laser costs 5 times more than the end mill, but that is an intangible cost to the end product.

Please visit the Montana Leather Stamps page and then click Custom Designs on this site for pricing.