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Welcome to vollkommen laser

I have a growing range of services for you that can be done with an 80W laser.

  • Cutting and engraving
    • leather
    • acrylic
    • wood
    • felt
    • card stock
    • gaskets
    • most plastics (not PVC)
    • Glass - fracking only (laser induced molecular surface fracturing)

Metal marking is also popular.

Ordering pages will be set up from here similar to my leather stamp page. -- stay tuned.

Ordering Pages:

Custom Designs
Molon Labe

Why should you use vollkommen laser services?

Although my line of Montana Leather Stamps (c) is quite popular and a very simple way of dressing up your leather craft project, there is one drawback: Resolution. The leather stamps I make are precision milled with a 0.025" jewelers end mill bit. That is the limiting factor.

My laser has a focal point diameter of 0.004". that is more than 6 times better resolution! As a result, if the design you want is too detailed to be made with a 0.025" end mill it is also too detailed for the leather to support when stamped. But with a laser, it may not be.

With a laser the leather can support much more detail as it is not being compressed.

For instance: you want to make a knife scabbard with your, or your customer's, military unit insignia on it. The problem is, most unit insignias are very detailed. Or you want to put the same thing on a key fob. With a leather stamp you just cant do it.

With a laser I can engrave the image, and cut the holes as well as cutting out the final piece.

That's where a laser shines. (pun intended)

Here are a few examples:

Not to mention Glass Fracking...

This is a prototype -- needs work. - $7.95

...and edge lite signs and bases

I can make the 5" acrylic inserts for $7.95

I can make the base for $24.95

So, have I spurred any ideas?

Contact me with your special design requests using the email link below.