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Welcome to vollkommen laser

I have a growing range of services for you that can be done with an 80W laser.

  • Cutting and engraving
    • leather
    • acrylic
    • wood
    • felt
    • card stock
    • gaskets
    • most plastics (not PVC)
    • Glass - fracking only (laser induced molecular surface fracturing)

Metal marking is also popular.

Ordering pages will be set up from here similar to my leather stamp page. -- stay tuned.

Ordering Pages:

Custom Designs
Molon Labe

Why should you use vollkommen laser services?

Although my line of Montana Leather Stamps (c) is quite popular and a very simple way of dressing up your leather craft project, there is one drawback: Resolution. The leather stamps I make are precision milled with a 0.025" jewelers end mill bit. That is the limiting factor.

My laser has a focal point diameter of 0.004". that is more than 6 times better resolution! As a result, if the design you want is too detailed to be made with a 0.025" end mill it is also too detailed for the leather to support when stamped. But with a laser, it may not be.

With a laser the leather can support much more detail as it is not being compressed.

For instance: you want to make a knife scabbard with your, or your customer's, military unit insignia on it. The problem is, most unit insignias are very detailed. Or you want to put the same thing on a key fob. With a leather stamp you just cant do it.

With a laser I can engrave the image, and cut the holes as well as cutting out the final piece.

That's where a laser shines. (pun intended)

Here are a few examples:

My key fob as track systems manager.



Not to mention Glass Fracking...

Fracking...Laser educed molecular surface fracturing.
This will not wear off like printing.

This is my contribution to an auction basket for a school fundraiser. Ya, a freebee, but for a friend.

I can frack logo's into mixer  glasses as shown ablve for $5 each (glass included) in low quantities. Case quantities can be negotiated.

The coasters are made of laminated felt in school colors . They are $4 per pack of 9. Again, higher quantities can be negotiated.

Here's another one...


...and edge lite signs and bases

I can make the 5" acrylic inserts for $7.95

I can make the base for $24.95

So, have I spurred any ideas?

Contact me with your special design requests using the email link below.