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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

This is a shoulder strap made for me by the RMEF (Bret Brockmeier) as a thank you for making them a leather stamp of the REMF logo for free.
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The Bone Collector
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REMF Logo (not for sale)

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The McDermott Crest on a knife scabbard


Sandborg Leather

Hello Mark, just wanted to thank you for my stamp, it works great! Attached are a couple of pics of the first knife sheath I made, stamped with your product!
Thanks  again,

Hello Mark,
I recently purchased a Combat Infantry Badge and E5 rank stamp from you for a knife order I received from an Iraq War vet’s wife for a Christmas present. I thought you might like to see how I incorporated them into the order. The Damascus blade is 416 layers of alternating high and low carbon steel. The grip is red deer stag antler accented with brass and very thin stacked leather. The underside of the knife keep is shakily colored with the colors of the Iraq Service ribbon but I think it’s your stamps that give the whole presentation the desired commemoration to the veteran that I was hoping for. Thanks for the great stamps.
Mark Owen
Mark Owen Custom Knives
Social Circle, GA