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All custom design requests for military related stamps will have no design charges.

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I am a Navy Veteran.

Right out of High School, I joined the Navy. I didn't do it to avoid the draft. My draft number was 353 and the chance of me being drafted was somewhere between slim and none. I joined for 2 reasons: to serve my country, and to get into electronics.

I left the Navy after 6 years as an E-6 in long range missile guidance (Talos) with 11 consecutive battle E's in missilery aboard the USS Chicago CG-11. The only reason I left was to learn more in the electronics field than the Navy was able to teach me.

In the leather stamps I provide here, I try to design them with the respect that is due to the branch of service they represent. It is an on-going learning process. I know the Navy, but as some of my customers have taught me, there are things I didn't now about the other branches.

What can I make for you?

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