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Welcome to Montana Leather Stamps © by Vollkommen Enterprises LLC!

All leather stamps listed here are Hi-Definition Laser cut.

This page contains link buttons to leather stamp categories
for which I have written the Hi-Def. Laser code.

Punisher - ZombieTracks
Maker's MarksCustom Design Requests

These stamps are not in stock.
Placing an order from this Site represents a build request, therefore turn around time can be up to 2 weeks for small orders. More for larger ones. Usually it is 2 days. The only thing I stock are the blanks.

Custom designs.
If I don't have a design you want listed here, send me your idea and I'll work on it. If you allow me to sell your design to others or if it is military related, there will not be a design fee. If you want an exclusive design sold to you only, then there will be a small fee. Usually $10.00

What they are made out of:
Delrin Acetyl Resin
is considered the workhorse of plastics, Delrin Acetyl resin combines moisture resistance and a slippery, wear-resistant surface with an ability to hold tight tolerances. Also known as Acetyl homopolymer, it's often used for gears, bushings, impellers, and other parts that require High  strength and rigidity. You can hammer these blocks (I have used a 1lb Ball Peen hammer and not even left a mark) or put them in a press. They can take it.

Placing an order
Once I have received a paid order, I will respond with a predicted ship date if it is not within 2-3 days.
If that is acceptable I will proceed to make your stamp.
If you want an expedited build and/or shipping; we can negotiate from there.

Shipping options
Normally, I ship via USPS Priority mail flat rate pack or box, depending upon the size of the order.
At this time PayPal does not have the code for selection of either shipping or Will-Call. So, if you want to pick up your order direct from my shop, just pay the shipping, and I will refund it. The other option would be to send me an email request of what you want and I will respond with a PayPal Invoice that does not include shipping. My email link is in this page's footer.

International Orders
Not at this time from this site. US Destinations only.
I can do it on eBay but not here (yet).
If you want it shipped internationally, ask me to build one and place it on eBay so that you can buy it using the eBay international shipping system.

***Hunting Season Delays***

It's hunting season!
I'm not going to be in the shop much over the next 2 months, but hunting camp has WiFi.
I might be a little slow in responding, but i should be able to complete shipping on time.
Thanks for your understanding.

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