Glass Fracking...

Glass - Fracking [ frak-ing ] Noun; Laser educed molecular hydraulic surface fracturing.

 A simplified definition:

    Glass is primarily a collection of silicon molecules. But that is not all. There is also water molecules trapped between them (among other things). Infra red laser light passes clean through silicone, but water absorbs the light. In doing so, the water molecule absorbs the energy from the laser and expands. When this happens, the surface silicone fractures giving an etched texture to the surface.

     So, why does it only happen on the surface? Silicone below the surface does not fracture because it has more silicone molecules surrounding it thereby strengthening the bond. Strength in numbers prevents the fracture.

     Why does the laser light not also fracture the glass on the exit side? Because it has been defused (defocused) as it passes through the glass by the silicone itself and its impurities. 

     This will not ware off like printing as it is actually in the glass, not paint on the surface.

This is my contribution to an auction basket for a school fundraiser. Ya, a freebee, but for a friend.


I can frack logo's into mixer  glasses as shown above for $5 each (glass included) in low quantities. Case quantities can be negotiated.

The coasters are made of laminated felt. They are $4 per pack of 9. Again, higher quantities can be negotiated.




Please contact me with your requests as I'm still working on this page